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Carlex द्वारा टोयोटा टैकोमा: आपकी सेवा में मेरे सार्जेंट!

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When you see it, you will have to square before it. It's the Toyota Tacoma prepared by Carlex. Its military green paint and an upholstered interior prepared to withstand the most untimely conditions, make it one of the most beastly pick-ups on the scene ...

The Toyota Tacoma is already a tough pick-up in its own right. Well, this preparation of Carlex raises him a level in terms of rudeness. With the green paint on the outside and its interior prepared in the same tones, it becomes a workhorse capable of tackling anything. Our friends bring it to us through this link, and it is one of the few true off-road vehicles, that is to say, it is not an SUV of those that at the mini-mum obstacle a little more serious, they get bogged down .

The interior of the Tacoma was built to stand the test of time, with rock-solid materials that are easily cleaned. Carlex, on the other hand, has made his own interpretation of every inch of his cabin with fine leather and Alcantara. The sports seats added later and the rest have received their own treatment with hand-stitched leather.

2nd Gen Tacoma Fog Lights

On the outside, the design of the Toyota Tacoma by Carlex has been kept simple and robust, with the perfect add-ons for off-road enthusiasts like a hoist, 2nd gen टैकोमा फॉग लाइट्स, LED light bar, and wider fenders. But with such luxury of details, you better clean the mud before staining its interior.
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